Day One offers support groups for people of all ages and genders who have experienced trauma.

Shared Healing

Talking with others who have shared similar experiences can be beneficial to your healing process.

Referrals are being accepted. Start dates TBD

Non-Offending Parents and Caregivers

Provides support and psychoeducation to non-offending parents and caregivers of children who have been sexually abused. Learn how sexual abuse impacts behavior, relationships and how to support your child in their healing process.

Expressive Art

Come be a creator! This group is offered to all ages who have experienced trauma. This group will provide an opportunity to engage in different expressive art modalities (visual arts, music, storytelling, movement, etc.) to provide new resources and build skills to achieve mental wellness.

Sexual Assault Survivor Group

This support group is specifically for adults who have experienced sexual assault or rape. This group will provide an opportunity to discuss different topics related to sexual assault and how to best support the healing process. The group engages in discussions about specific circumstances with ways to cope and move forward.

Intimate Partner Violence Support

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) refers to physical, sexual, or psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse. This group will provide an opportunity to discuss different topics related to intimate partner violence and how to best support the healing process. This is an ongoing support group – all potential participants must schedule a group screening in order to attend.

Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma, particularly sexual assault, affects the body in many ways. Trauma-informed yoga instruction can help survivors understand how their bodies have been affected by their trauma. Taught by a certified yoga instructor and a licensed Day One clinician, our traumaprocessing yoga groups combine the yoga component with guided meditation and talk therapy in every class.

CORE Group

CORE Group is an inclusive, psycho-educational group that covers common topics in trauma treatment. This group is not a processing group; sharing details of one's trauma is not appropriate for CORE group. Comprised of 10 sessions that are cyclic, participants can join at any week.

** If you do not see a group that you would find beneficial, please submit an information request stating what would be helpful to you and we will try our best to accommodate. **