Management Staff:

Board of Directors:

  • Peter Loescher, President
  • Larry Flynn, Vice President
  • Deb Moretti, Secretary
  • Jim Pontarelli, Treasurer
  • Steven J. Boyajian, Esq.
  • Christine Dieter, Esq.
  • Stephen Dylag
  • Samantha Lomow
  • Christopher Maury
  • Inglish Morgan, Ph.D
  • Michael Ryan
  • Christopher Santilli
  • Fletcher C. Thomson, Esq.
  • Roxanne Vrees, MD

Our Clinicians

  • diverse clinical fee-for-service providers
  • thoroughly trained experts in evidence-based treatment
  • ongoing consultation with service providers

The Helpline

  • 24-hour support, 7 days a week
  • information and advocacy
  • trained advocates available to respond in person


  • a team who serves to protect and heal children impacted by trauma
  • victim-centered model that results in less trauma
  • offers a child-friendly environment for families