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More than just a job! Whether you are supporting and advocating for a victim or educating youth on the importance of prevention, our employees make a major difference in the lives of thousands of Rhode Islanders each year.

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Featured Training

Become a Helpline Advocate

Volunteer advocates provide support, information, and referrals to survivors at hospitals and police stations throughout Rhode Island. Our 30+ hour training program will provide the skills, knowledge, and confidence to work with victims of all ages.

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  • A goal of making RI communities free of sexual abuse and violence
  • Proven solutions for victims and those at risk
  • Advocacy for public policy and initiatives and systemic changes


  • A unique healing path for each individual
  • Trauma-informed clinical services
  • Safe and comfortable place to begin your healing journey


  • Any individual can discover a way to make a difference
  • A range of giving options from donating to volunteering
  • A resilient community united to fight against sexual violence