An advocate can provide support throughout your healing, after you have experienced trauma.

Advocates are available to listen to you and offer information with resources that place you on the path to healing. Whatever your advocacy needs may be, Day One can assist you with services, support, and referrals.

Advocacy is a process of supporting and empowering people to:

  • Express feelings and concerns
  • Access information and services
  • Explore choices and options

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Our Advocacy Coordinator can address all of your advocacy questions and needs.

We coordinate different types of advocates based on your needs, including:

  • Helpline Advocates
  • Law Enforcement Advocates
  • Office of Victim Services Advocates

Find the right type of advocate for you.

Day One's Helpline Advocates are trained volunteers and staff members. They are on call 24/7 and are available to respond in person to meet victims of sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and domestic violence or hate crimes at local hospitals and/or police stations. In person advocacy at police departments are available for victims of sexual assault. Helpline Advocates provide support, crisis intervention, information, and referrals for services. They will provide immediate support, every step of the way.

Helpline Advocates are there to make sure you feel supported, respected and heard during this process. In order to first access a Helpline Advocate, a hospital or police staff member must call on your behalf.

Helpline advocates are available to provide in-person support at the initial presentation at the hospital and/or police station. Advocates are trained on the process of sexual assault medical examinations and the criminal justice system. This allows advocates to educate victims of sexual assault so that victims are aware of their options and can make informed decisions. The role of the Helpline advocate is strictly to support the victim through the initial medical and/or law enforcement response and to ensure that the response is victim-centered. All communication between the victim and the Helpline advocate in-person are confidential, except when mandated reporting is necessary or the victim is homicidal or suicidal.

Law Enforcement Advocates (LEAs) are offered through police departments throughout the state. LEAs are employed by Day One and other victim service agencies and stationed in local police departments. LEAs follow-up with every sexual assault, child molestation, stalking and domestic violence victim that has reported an incident to the police.

When you report a crime to a local police department, you may receive a phone call or a letter from an LEA checking in to see how you are doing. The LEA is also available to answer any questions you have about your case and can update you on the status of your case. The LEA can also explain other options including restraining orders, counseling services and other local referrals that you may benefit from. The LEA helps guide you through the criminal justice process.

If you need to provide the police with an initial or follow-up statement, the LEA can be available to accompany you during that statement. The LEA can also assist you with the prosecution process by tracking your case through the system, going with you to meetings with prosecutors and attending court hearings with you.

You do not need to be involved with a police department to work with an LEA.

Dedicated support has been established for victims of sexual abuse involving an institution, including disclosures of abuse by clergy and other specific organizations. If you have experienced sexual abuse involving an institution, please contact us at (401) 421-4100 Ext. 444 for help.

Legal advocates provide personal support and assistance to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence to represent their interests are represented and be sure their rights are upheld within the civil and criminal justice systems. explain the legal process to you. They also offer education and outreach programs for schools, the public, and community professionals in order to help others understand sexual violence and provide a trauma informed response to victims.

The purpose of legal advocacy is to provide you with accurate information so that you can be fully informed and ready when navigating the criminal justice system. Staff advocates are available to provide information about the criminal justice process and ongoing emotional support. They can also make referrals, and serve as liaisons with the police and the Department of the Attorney General. Please note: legal advocates are not attorneys.

Helpline Advocates

The Rhode Island Victims of Crime Helpline is a collaboration between Day One, the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center.

The Helpline offers advocates for victims of sexual assault through Day One.

Call the Helpline

Law Enforcement Advocates

Law Enforcement Advocates (LEAs) are offered through police departments throughout the state. LEAs are employed by Day One and other victim service agencies and stationed in many local police departments throughout the state.

Access information about law enforcement advocates in your area below.

Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 236-8358

Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 644-4593

Burrillville Contact: (401) 710-9663

Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 612-4088

Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 782-3995

Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 826-8915

Temporary Phone Number: (401)-345-7034

Cranston Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 477-5040

Johnston Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 757-3139

Temporary Phone Number: (401) 256-7623

Law Enforcement Advocate* Contact: (401) 231-4533 Ext. 1145

Temporary Phone Number: (401) 500-8627

Law Enforcement Advocate* Contact: (401) 727-9100, Ext. 783

Temporary Phone Number: (401) 612-4087

Law Enforcement Advocate* Contact: (401) 243-6338

Temporary Phone Number: (401) 237-0560

Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 468-4372

Temporary Phone Number: (401) 767-6345

Advocate* Indicates a Spanish speaking LEA

Institutional Abuse

A dedicated phone number has been established to support survivors who have been impacted by sexual abuse that involves an institution, including disclosures of abuse by clergy and other specific organizations.

If you have been impacted by institutional sexual abuse, please call our dedicated line:

(401) 421-4100 Ext. 444

Crime Compensation

The Rhode Island Crime Victim Compensation offers financial relief for eligible expenses. Visit their website or read their brochure for more information on eligibility and the claims process.

Advocacy Resources

Model Response Protocol

A Model Protocol for the Response to Sexual Assault Cases was developed by the Rhode Island Statewide Taskforce to Address Sexual Assault. This document serves as a resource for professionals to respond with a victim-centered approach across all disciplines involved in the response to adult sexual assault, including best practice guidelines, facilitation of immediate and comprehensive medical care, and inclusive processes to minimize the trauma to victims of sexual assault.


"VINELink is the online portal to VINE, America’s leading victim notification network. Accessible 24/7/365, VINELink provides the most reliable information regarding custody status changes and criminal case information."

Click here to view a public service announcement about RI-VINE.