Learn what you should know to practice body safety.

Body Safety Rules Every Kid Should Know by Age 5

Body Safety Rules

Private Parts are covered by a bathing suit.

We do not look, touch, or play games with private parts.

We use the proper names for body parts.

They are not funny or weird, everyone has them.

No one should be asking me to keep a secret.

Especially if it makes me feel bad or sad.

I am the boss of my own body!

I don't have to hug, kiss, or be touched if I don't want to.

If someone breaks my privacy, I will tell someone until I get help.

I know 5 people I can talk to if I get sad, scared, and to talk about body safety.

If someone breaks a body rule, I need to tell until someone helps me.

Even if I was too scared to tell at first - it's never too late, and I won't be in trouble.

Learn the Signs


  • bruises and cuts
  • torn or stained clothes
  • trouble moving freely


  • acting withdrawn
  • self injury
  • sudden mood swings


  • fear of being alone
  • fear of going to bed

How to Respond


  • listen closely and carefully
  • respond with support in language they can understand
  • tell them you believe them, and it is not their fault


  • be alert
  • believe what you are told


  • leading or suggestive questioning
  • taking action on your own; instead, seek help

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